property in France

Dear Sir or Madam

You are looking for a cheap house in France ?

The House-up company can help you in your project to define with you what you are looking for.

Your property in France is possible with us.












House-up is located in north of France and is specialized in building houses based on metal materials, recycled products and green materials.

The company is able to build in many regions of France.

We are located at the crossroads of Europe :

Belgium is about 10 miles away from our head office. We can reach Bruxelles within one hour by car, London is around 1 hour and 30 from our office by Eurostar, and Paris is around 1 hour by TGV.














Not only do we think we have to let the earth as clean as possible for the next generation, but we are also convinced that we can do a clean house with a good level of price.

You have to know that we don't provide the field, but you can ask us since we know many business opportunities in some parts of France.

All the staff intend to proceed the business relationship (not only with customers, but also with suppliers) as fair as possible. We speak always frankly.

As a matter of fact, if we say "Yes we can", all our team will be involved and dedicated in your project. We only do what we know to do.









There are many advantages for you to invest in France :

* Buying a field and a property in France is really cheaper than in UK

* The purchasing power is better in France due to the currency level between Euro and Pound

* There are a lot opportunites as well to rent your property (in case you want) as an holiday home











The reason why people choose our houses is due to many reasons :

1. A cheaper price :

Selling price of the building is 20% less compared to the classical way to build an house

2. A quick delivery :

After getting the agreement to build the house, it takes around 3 or 4 monthes to finish the building as per your requirement

3. A Green process : All our materials are either recycled either natural materials. All our houses got the BBC label (that means the energy consumption is one of the lowest you can find on the french market).

4. A modular system : at any moment you can decide to add space in your house very quickly.











You have to keep in mind that you are free as well to design your own project : by sending us a drawing or a pic with cube (like the pic bellow for example), so we can send you some proposals.

















All our process has been certified by independant quality checking companies.

They cheked the two major points :

* Strength of materials

* Isolation process

House-up has been rewarded for being an innovative project of the year 2009 in north of France, and has been also rewarded by the LMI association (part of chamber of commerce in Lille).

All this website has not been translated but you can have more ideas about our houses in the tab "nos maisons".

Feel free to contact us : at :